Sports Broadcaster Says His Wife Won’t Speak To Him After Big Game

Sports commentator Skip Bayless stated his wife stopped talking to him after his outburst during Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

The two hosts discussed the playoffs on Monday’s episode of Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, co-hosted by Bayless and Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports.

Bayless was astonished as he watched the Boston Celtics return from a 3-0 series deficit to force a critical seventh game against the Miami Heat on Saturday. They scored a miraculous buzzer-beater and a joyous trip back to Boston.

He said his wife had not spoken to him since Saturday night because of the temper tantrum he threw, adding that he was not yet back to normal after what happened on Saturday night.

He said his wife walked in from another room and asked him what he wanted to eat. “What do I want to eat?” he asked incredulously.  

Bayless slammed his hand on the anchor desk and yelled as he described how he asked his wife if she saw what had just happened. She said she did. She watched in another room and made the “mistake” of saying to the inconsolable Bayless that there was still a game 7.

He yelled that there wasn’t. It’s over, he said with a defeatist attitude. His wife stopped talking to him; she was on day three of ghosting him.

Bayless looked to be having difficulty breathing while continuing to explain the game.

He said that game was the nuttiest, craziest, and most bizarre he’s seen, and he’s been trying to make sense of it.

He said he couldn’t get to sleep that night thinking about it. And nothing in the game made any sense. He said the Celtics’ shot percentage was the worst it had been all year, yet, they won.

On Monday night, Boston will host Game 7. An NBA team has never won a postseason series after going down 3-0. The Celtics will give it a try.