Soros Caught Funding Hamas-Linked Organization

A nonprofit in Gaza with close ties to Hamas militants has received funding worth at least $1 million from billionaire George Soros over the last decade.

Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society and Open Society Institute (OSI) are two distinct nonprofits that have been receiving cash from the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights since at least 2012.

George Soros, a 93-year-old Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, has been giving money to pro-Hamas organizations, reportedly sending more than $50 million to a group of Iranian sympathizers in December. Some of these organizations’ members have significant sway in Joe Biden’s administration.

In 2013 and 2014, the OSI reportedly provided a substantial sum to assist an intern’s time at Al Mezan.

Following Hamas’ assault and slaughter on October 7th, the Mezan Center accused Israel of committing genocide. In addition, it has asked the United Nations and other global organizations to look into the Jewish state.

Human rights advocacy and protection are the primary missions of the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, which is based in Palestinian lands. Public documents, however, show that the center has links to groups and individuals affiliated with extremism.

Jonathan Kaplan, a representative for the Open Society Foundations, said that the $25 billion grantmaking network was happy to be among the worldwide sponsors of Al Mezan. The European Union and national governments of countries like the Netherlands and Sweden are among the other donors.

In Kaplan’s view, the United States has not blacklisted any of the international donors as having a role in terrorist financing. He said that the groups that may get funding from a foundation like OSF are governed by particular rules in the US. They make a concerted effort to guarantee full conformity.

An expert on terrorism has said that stricter legislation is needed in the United States to stop tax-exempt organizations from funding terrorist organizations abroad.

According to Marc Greendorfer, an attorney and president of the Zachor Legal Institute think tank, Soros can easily exploit these loopholes by locating a middleman between the sanctioned individual or group and OSF.

A listing of Al Mezan’s board of directors seems removed from the company’s website not long ago.