Smugglers Hide Drugs In The Last Place You’d Ever Expect 

Humanity at large has proven throughout history that it is capable of performing heinous and ungodly acts. Indeed, since ancient times, philosophers, academics, and the human race as a whole have debated the true inherent disposition of human nature. Most notably, during the enlightenment era of the 17th and 18th centuries, western philosophers like John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rosseau published many treatises and works on what they believed to be the realities of human nature and delivered many thoughtful and reflective philosophical notions surrounding the heart and motives of man. Locke believed that man was inherently good, and that each had a right to property, with rights endowed to him by an almighty god, and that if given free choice, each could strive to do good, contribute to society and better themselves in this pursuit. Thomas Hobbes, on the other hand, believed in the wickedness of man, and that in a state of nature, man acted brutally in self-interest. 

These philosophers influenced the minds of the founding fathers of the United States, and most certainly in the case of John Locke, the formation of the United States and the American revolution at large would not have been the same without his philosophical contribution’s years ago. Recently in England, Robert Halliwell and Melanie Bullen had been consuming illicit drugs with an acquaintance of theirs named Kerry Newman. After awakening, they found Newman deceased, and instead of reporting their actions and the fatality, the two placed the body of their friend in a car, drove down the road, and dumped it. Shockingly, a court in England ruled that Bullen and Halliwell will spend only a year in jail for their actions. This unfortunate event demonstrates the wickedness of human nature.

In another deplorable development, Kenosha (Wisconsin) law enforcement officials discovered over 1,000 grams of cocaine hidden inside roller blades. Humanity continues to prove Mr. Hobbes right time and time again.