Singer Sings Song Floating Idea Terrorists Burned Down Notre Dame

Morrissey, an English rock singer, recently performed a song in which he kissed a rosary and speculated on the causes of the Notre Dame cathedral fire.

On Monday, a video of the event began making the rounds on social media. The video featured The Smiths’ ex-frontman, Morrissey, singing passionately about the blaze and wondering if it was a terrorist attack.

Experts believe that a faulty electrical system or a smoldering cigarette ignited the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral during Holy Week in 2019. According to forecasts, construction will begin in 2024, in time for the Paris Olympics.

The Israeli Zappa Shuni Amphitheater hosted the show, which 1,500 people attended. Morrissey’s performance was his first in the nation since 2016.

Morrissey, a staunch admirer of Israel, said, “I am very happy to be here in God’s country, the center of the world.”

He had impressive vitality for someone of his age, the Jerusalem Post said. The journal went on to write that whether he’s playing with the cross on his necklace, kneeling to take a breather, comically taking a secret sniff of nasal spray, or performing his famous chain-smoker bit after fans threw cigarettes at him while he sang, “Give me a cigarette,” Morrissey’s stage show keeps things fresh for the crowd.

Morrissey has used enigmatic visuals and animations to introduce several of his songs, and he has also made references to Israel. Speaking on the Paris Riots, he introduced the songs “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” and “Notre Dame.” 

He then asked rhetorically, “Who will save Paris?” Who can save the French? 

Having been the target of the so-called Loony Left’s representations of an iconoclastic artist in decline, he also expressed his passionate contempt for the media and journalists. The local press had dubbed him obnoxious today, so he joked that he’d have to bother everyone by burning the place down tomorrow.

Morrissey is no fan of either previous president, Trump or Obama, and he has been outspoken in his condemnation of the media, PC culture, and wokeness.