Rick Mehta Says Universities Pander To The CCP

According to a report, as institutions of higher learning continue to embrace diversity initiatives and political correctness, one cannot help but wonder if this is simply a reflection of a more progressive society. 

As per the esteemed legal scholar and former FDA representative Rick Mehta, universities are actively inculcating their pupils with communist ideology

These institutions are complicit in aiding the Chinese Communist Party and shielding them from scrutiny due to the tremendous benefits they stand to gain from it.

A recent House Foreign Affairs Committee statement titled “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Threat to American Universities” revealed the following:

U.S. university budgets are increasingly dependent on Chinese money.

Since 2013, the PRC has been the largest source of foreign donations to U.S. universities.

Tuition paid by Chinese students is estimated at $12 billion annually.

Chinese sources have participated in donations and contracts worth more than $426 million to U.S. universities since 2011.

Due to the role of the state in the Chinese economy, even donations from private organizations and individuals may have ties to the CCP.

A report from 2022 shows that a Democrat running for the California State Assembly had been working to get CCP-sponsored education programs into local K-12 classrooms.

In 2010, Jay Cheng, a Democrat and member of the Hacienda La Puente school board, led an effort to bring the Confucius Classrooms program to the district.

This program, funded and administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education, a division of the Communist Party of China, provides teachers and teaching materials to K-12 schools in the United States to teach students the Chinese language and culture.

It also collaborates with the Confucius Institute program of the Communist Party of China, which provides similar resources to U.S. universities. In 2020, the State Department positioned the program as a Chinese propaganda organization aimed at promoting global propaganda and Beijing’s malign influence campaign, and senior CCP officials have acknowledged that the Confucius Institute is an integral part of Chinese propaganda abroad.