Migrant ‘Theft Groups’ Target PA Town

Reports reveal that retail thefts in West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania, have been perpetrated by gangs of illegal aliens. Several sources have reported that the Township police have seen a disturbing trend in a variety of crimes, from grievous assault to shoplifting.

Shops in the small township reportedly had thousands of dollars worth of items stolen in the month of January by at least three gangs of illegal immigrants, according to local reports.

The West Whiteland Township Police Department’s Detective Scott Pezick stated that a pair of Venezuelan nationals, Keiver Guilarte Campos and Albert Torrealba Jordan, purportedly stole $2,000 worth of products from the Exton cosmetics boutique Ulta on February 1st after illegally entering the United States, as reported by the outlets.

According to an outlet’s interview with Pezick, he explained there has been an influx of South American robbery gangs into the area in the past few weeks. West Whiteland police said that their community has been affected by the nationwide increase in illegal migrants.

Separately, a Peruvian national was said to have stolen $17,000 from the Khols department store in Exton. According to Pezick, the suspect was deported and has already returned a month later.

Police have also linked the gangs to automobile and house invasions. No town is immune to the plague of criminal gangs comprised of organized illegal migrants.

Thefts totaling thousands of dollars in products since January have been attributed to at least three gangs of illegal migrants, and authorities have documented battles with these organized criminals.

Statistics show economic losses, altered company hours, retail closures, and diminished community services are all outcomes of this kind of theft. Closures caused by shoplifting exacerbate food scarcity in low-income neighborhoods and force people to go farther away for their shopping needs. The city’s tax income drops as a consequence.