Joe Rogan Thinks Bud Light Controversy Might Be A False Flag

Joe Rogan has said that “social problems” like the reaction against Bud Light are manufactured to “distract” people from the “real” issues facing society.

On Tuesday’s edition of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, the comic discussed the conspiracy idea with guest Tom Segura.

Rogan, the target of boycott demands in recent weeks, claimed that the uproar around the beer brand and those surrounding Roe v. Wade, Pride, and vaccinations was an elaborate diversionary tactic.

Rogan and his colleague comic Segura talked for over three hours in Episode #2005, uploaded on Spotify two days ago.

After hearing about the reaction against Bud Light and other brands for working with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Segura said he felt “social fatigue.”

Rogan said this is the actual conspiracy if you’re a conspiracy theorist. The goal is to have as many societal issues as possible to keep people preoccupied. Rogan cited pandemics, masks, vaccinations, the transgender movement, and drag performances to make his point. 

He said if you want people to get angry and distracted, sponsor kid-friendly drag acts, make folks believe it’s a terrific idea, and then see their shock and horror. Rogan said there are so many social distractions in our faces all day long about everything.” 

Rogan also said he has mixed feelings regarding the Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade. 

He said when people warned that the court would undo Roe v. Wade,” it was met with universal disbelief. But then it happened.

Then it becomes what people say is the most pressing issue that must be addressed, he explained.

“Money is being transferred, choices are being made, and the whole thing is a perfect cover for wild s*** while it’s happening,” Rogan said.

Segura agreed, saying in the end, all you must do is follow the money. And now you realize the truth of the situation. And all else is just noise in comparison.

Rogan was up early on Thursday morning tweeting about UFOs and linking to a YouTube video titled “Navy Pilot Shares Video Footage of His UFO Encounter” and a Reddit discussion about extraterrestrial life.