Illegals To Get College Benefit In Major U.S. State

Free higher education will soon be available to illegal immigrants in Minnesota.

The Democrat majority in Minnesota’s legislature established a free tuition scheme last month that would be available to certain immigrants residing in the country illegally.

Students from households earning less than $80,000 per year are eligible for the “North Star Promise,” which pays for their education at the University of Minnesota or other Minnesota State institutions.

A report reveals that falling student numbers at the state’s public universities inspired the legislation.

Either a high school diploma obtained from Minnesota or a one-year residence in Minnesota without full-time college enrollment is required of applicants.

In order to preserve their tuition assistance, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The program has been challenged by Republicans who say that children whose parents have several jobs but still need financial help are being discriminated against by the program’s $80,000 cap.

There were Republican complaints about being left out of the school bill’s passage because of party affiliation.

Free higher education is also available to illegal immigrants in California. Only around 14% of eligible migrants in California actually applied for the program.

Residents of the Golden State are speaking out against a plan to eliminate Title 42 and replace it with a program that would provide weekly payments to illegal immigrants when the state is experiencing a migrant influx.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Republican state senate minority leader Brian Jones expressed concern that the measure would send the incorrect message to migrants and encourage them to enter the country illegally.

Jones told Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday that the state will continue to see an influx of illegal immigrants as long as the Democrat supermajority and the governor were spreading the message that they could come to California, they don’t have to work, but they can still acquire free money. That’s the message we’re working to halt before it can spread throughout the nation.