GOP Turn Tables On Democrats After Children Go Missing

Unaccompanied migrant children’s arrival at the border has increased by a factor of more than ten since Joe Biden took office.

On Tuesday, House Republicans are scheduled to question the Office of Refugee Resettlement director, Robin Dunn Marcos, about the department’s failure to vet, monitor, and track these children. 

Subcommittee chairman Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) said the Biden White House seems so unconcerned and uncaring about the danger these children face that they boasted to him during a recent border trip that they had a novel solution: providing comfort dogs for stressed-out border agents. 

The Republicans in the House intend to provide Marcos with overwhelming evidence and questions, beginning with numbers. According to Grothman, under President Joe Biden, the annual number of unaccompanied minors crossing the border has increased from 15,000 in President Trump’s final year in office to more than 130,000.

Due to a shortage of funding, federal officials have admitted that they have lost track of and stopped monitoring as many as 85,000 of those children. Horrifying accounts of such children being trafficked by cartels, molested, or coerced into unlawful labor were detailed in a recent Florida grand jury report. 

Significant evidence has been unearthed by Grothman’s panel that migrant children have been abandoned by the very administration that let them enter the nation. 

When presented with the 85,000 figure last month, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra seemed unaware of the extent of the situation, as shown by his own department’s data. 

After a recent New York Times investigation revealed that thousands of children have been working in grueling occupations around the country in violation of child labor regulations, the White House promised policy adjustments and a crackdown on enterprises that hire youngsters. 

Grothman is concerned that the government is remaking the United States’ demography by opening the border ahead of child protection. 

He thinks the Biden administration’s guiding philosophy is that the more people they can get in the country to effect rapid social change, the better, and that they don’t care if they can’t keep tabs on them or follow them around.