GOP Slams Fani Willis For DEI Initiatives

Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis’s DEI training program used judges’ skin color as a criterion for ranking and taught staff to link “white” with “bad.”

Republicans responded by criticizing Willis’s radical curriculum.

The story’s sources feared for their safety because they knew the “corrupt” and “hostile work environment” within the district attorney’s office.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tweeted her criticism of DEI practices, calling them a manifestation of racism in the United States. She demanded to know when Willis would be removed from office.

Trump adviser and America First Legal founder Stephen Miller has called for an investigation into allegations of civil rights violations by Willis.

Equity, inclusion, diversity Fani Willis and her untrained associates crammed Marxism into the Fulton District Attorney’s office. To maintain employment, you must provide indoctrination exam slides and purchase a costly gaslighting film featuring an Obama alum from Harvard.

According to Mike Benz, the head of the Foundation for Freedom Online, Willis is “corrupt,” and her affair with colleague prosecutor Nathan Wade discredits her prosecution of Trump.

\Davis—the creator and president of the pro-Trump Article III Project—mocked the DEI training slides. To finish the software, employees had to choose an image of a “white” person and relocate it to a “bad” block.

If it’s white or yellow, Fani’s DEI Test says it’s bad.

The judge overseeing the charges against Willis, Scott McAfee, is now considering whether or not she had an actual conflict of interest with Wade.

Trump scored a huge win when the court indicated that Willis may be removed from the lawsuit.

The ongoing investigation into the allegations of racketeering and the public’s examination of the diversity training have substantial consequences for Willis’ professional trajectory and the larger conversation about diversity and ethics in public life. Leadership, ethics, and seeking justice in a diverse community are complicated issues, as these developments show.