George Soros Used $30 Million To Elect Attorneys All Across America

( Last week, the New York Post published a column from Matt Polumbo, who described billionaire Leftist George Soros as “the most dangerous man in America.”

Palumbo, the author of “The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros,” warned that the billionaire investor wants to remake the United States into “his liberal image.” And one of the ways he is doing that is by spending tens of millions of dollars to get far-left prosecutors elected throughout the country.

According to Palumbo, Soros has spent over $40,000 to elect district attorneys and prosecutors who embrace his far-left pro-criminal, anti-police agenda. And Soros has had tremendous success.

In total, George Soros helped elect 75 prosecutors nationwide, all of them radical leftists. According to Palumbo, these radical prosecutors now represent “at least one-fifth” of the American people.

Among the radical prosecutors Soros helped get elected is Loudoun County commonwealth attorney Buta Biberaj who was elected in 2019 by a slim margin, 49.5 percent to 47.5 percent.

In 2021, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors gave Biberaj’s office a smaller budget increase than was requested in part because of the high turnover in her office and her handling of domestic violence cases. Of the 735 domestic violence cases brought to her office, Biberaj dismissed 491 of them. What’s more, only 8 percent of domestic violence cases ever made it to trial, according to Palumbo.

While $40 million isn’t much compared to the $32 billion Soros has to fund his political empire, by using it on local races like prosecutors, Soros has “an outsize impact on people’s lives,” Polumbo writes.

While flipping a state legislature to get laws changed is difficult, electing one prosecutor who refuses to enforce the laws is a much easier task, Palumbo writes. According to him, by refusing to prosecute cases, dismissing charges, or arranging lenient plea deals, many of Soros’ prosecutors are able to simply bypass the laws the more conservative legislatures have enacted.

Read Palumbo’s column HERE.