French Political Leader Says Evidence Points To U.S. Being Behind Bombing

( During the ongoing debate about who was responsible for the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline in Russia, the head of the Eurosceptic group The Patriots in France said, “It was apparent that the Americans were behind the bombing.” 

Florian Philippot made his remarks during an interview with RIA Novosti. 

He said the United States opposition to the Nord Stream pipelines predates the conflict in Ukraine and has been ongoing for some time now. Philippot also brought up President Biden’s statements, in which he openly said in early February 2022 that the United States could make the pipeline disappear. 

Philippot also cited the article written by Pulitzer Prize winner and writer Seymour Hersh, who stated that the explosives were hidden in June 2022 by US Navy divers under cover of the BALTOPS 22 NATO exercise and were set off 90 days later by a remote in a  buoy. 

Norwegian Secret Service and Navy aided in finding the optimal location to put the bombs, according to Hersh’s sources. 

Norway is a rival to Russia in the gas market, and Norwegian gas has mostly replaced Russian gas in many nations. In other words, they were motivated by self-interest and used the situation to further their careers, as Philippot pointed out. 

At a National Press Club speech, Hersh commented that Biden approved the strike because he believed his most significant chance of reelection would come from becoming a war president. He used the example of President John F. Kennedy, saying that Presidents usually fared well politically during conflicts. 

In a parallel development, Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, has criticized Copenhagen for trying to keep Moscow out of the probe into the assault. 

In an interview with Rossiya-1, Zakharova described the situation as “such a fraud, a complete scam, not even a con but a threepenny game,” adding that she believed “no one has been believing” such claims for a long time.