Fox News Host Says AI Confirms Conservatives Are Happier And More Beautiful

The panelists on Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” discussed recent AI research that found conservative women in politics to have a more positive and appealing appearance than their leftist counterparts.

The host, Greg Gutfeld, pondered the reason why conservatives were so “hot.”  He asked if liberal women really seemed less attractive than conservative ones. Could it be that they internalize a message of despair about the impossibility of changing a world rife with evil and that this fury eats away at their inherent attractiveness? 

According to a report, Danish research discovered that facial features may be used by artificial intelligence systems to determine a person’s political viewpoint.

People portrayed with neutral expressions were more inclined to identify as leftists, whereas the research revealed that politicians on the right were more likely to exhibit pleased facial expressions in images.

The research demonstrated that deep learning can accurately determine a person’s political viewpoint from a snapshot of their face with 61% accuracy.

The researchers said in a published report that deep learning, an AI technique where computer scientists educate computers to learn and absorb information similarly to humans, can be used to generate predictions about individuals based on images alone.

The researchers looked for the secret sauce behind these methods’ predictive power.  

The report shows a human’s facial expressions may reveal much about intellect, character, and political leanings. Researchers led by Arhus University’s Stig Hebbelstrup Rye Rasmussen looked into whether computational neural networks (algorithms designed to perform like human brains) can determine a person’s political ideology from a single photograph.

Overall, the study indicated that the data-trained AI had a 61% success rate in predicting ideological leanings, demonstrating that the algorithms were able to distinguish between political leanings and chance.

The study indicated that beautiful female politicians tended to be conservative, but beauty and masculinity were uncorrelated in male politicians. Male and female politicians with more upbeat looks on their faces were more likely to be members of the right, while those with neutral emotions were more likely to be on the left. In addition, the research found that females who displayed open disdain were more likely to lean left.