DeSantis Part Of Car Wreck In Chattanooga

According to a statement by his press secretary Bryan Griffin, Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and a Republican presidential contender, was involved in an automobile accident on his way to an event in Chattanooga.

While an investigation is underway, a female staff member received minor injuries and was treated during a campaign event, the official said.

According to a report, a representative for the Chattanooga Police Department said the incident occurred around 8 a.m. on Interstate 75 South when the lead in DeSantis’ 4-car motorcade slowed unexpectedly to avoid traffic in front of them.

Sources familiar with the campaign told Fox News that the officials admitted they had spent excessive amounts of money in the weeks since DeSantis launched his bid for the White House.

Both DeSantis and Trump have been going through their campaign finances at an alarming pace. While Trump’s team spent $9.1 million, the governor’s team spent nearly eight million in half of the same period. 

Reports reveal DeSantis has had a dismal start to his campaign. Campaign officials are informing major funders that a “reset” of the 2024 presidential campaign is happening.

An unnoticed interview with Fox News was reported by The National Pulse, in which presidential candidate Ron DeSantis acknowledged that he and his wife determined he would make a run for the White House back in November 2020. 

According to the report, when asked when DeSantis made the decision to run against Donald Trump, Governor DeSantis responded by saying that starting in November 2020,  he put the word out about 2024.  The question was, who is the one able to beat Biden and get things done over the course of two four-year administrations? DeSantis said he and his wife realized that he was the one to achieve it, and they haven’t looked back.

In July 2021, DeSantis called the rumors that he was considering a run for president “manufactured,” and he denied the rumors again in October. In August 2022, he said the stories were the result of the media’s obsession.