Dems Admit There’s No Tape To Prove Biden’s Mental Wellness

The left is incensed by Jon Stewart after he returned to the Daily Show and skewered Biden on his age. A former trustworthy carrier of the left’s water, Stewart is suddenly no longer funny. He dared suggest that the White House release footage of Biden displaying the sharp mental acuity he supposedly displays behind closed doors. 

Rebutting Stewart, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) said there will be no “videotape” to refute the increasing suspicions regarding President Biden’s age. He said the sharpness is evident in his record and will be displayed during the campaign. 

Casey is running for reelection against Republican Dave McCormick in what might be the nation’s most closely watched Senate battle this November. Pennsylvania is a crucial swing state. 

The president’s memory loss of important life events, such as his vice presidential term and the year of his son Beau’s death, has been highlighted by the publication of Hur’s report earlier this month, further raising concerns about Biden’s cognitive capacity and age.

Some have suggested that President Biden take a cognitive test for his yearly physical examination because of his memory lapses, disorientation, stumbles, and sluggish walking. 

But, according to White House aides, 81-year-old Joe Biden will not be forced to take a cognitive test, which is standard for Americans over 65, at his upcoming medical exam scheduled as early as this month. 

A group of Republican House members have sent a letter demanding that President Joe Biden submit to a cognitive evaluation or face impeachment via the 25th Amendment.

Hur said it would be impossible to prosecute the president for inappropriately handling sensitive papers, he claimed, because of the president’s severe poor memory.

According to the letter, Biden had memory problems on several occasions, including when he addressed reporters by mistakenly calling Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi the “president of Mexico” and when he mysteriously froze at the microphone in an address criticizing Trump, his Republican opponent, at the White House. 

Up to 86% of Americans believe Biden is too elderly to run for reelection, according to polls.