Democrat Policies Prevented D.C. Shooter From Being Stopped At His First Crime

( According to court documents, Isaiah Trotman was charged with assault and battery in November 2021, but prosecutor Jim Hingeley of Albemarle County, Virginia, who won election in 2019 with the aid of six-figure contributions from liberal megadonors like George Soros, later dropped the charges.

What did Trotman do?

He shot dead a transit worker and injured three bystanders at a Metro station in Washington, D.C.

Trotman was detained by police on Wednesday and was accused of first-degree murder.

Progressive prosecutors often reject low-level defendants and look for alternatives to imprisonment. During his 2019 campaign, Hingeley got $114,000 from Democratic megadonor Sonjia Smith. Soros gave him a $5,000 donation.

The D.C. Council recently agreed to reduce punishments for a number of crimes listed in the district’s criminal code, including imprisonment for robberies, carjackings, and felonies involving firearms.

As a result, more than 200 murders were reported in D.C. in 2022, the greatest number of homicides in several Soros prosecutors’ jurisdictions in decades.

According to Hingeley, Trotman and the victim’s agreement led to dismissing the assault allegation. The judge said that Trotman would have received a maximum term of one year for the violation, but most likely only six months since it was a misdemeanor.

Before randomly opening fire at the Potomac Avenue Metro Station in Southeast Washington, Trotman displayed a gun while riding a bus. He then went to the platform and threatened a lady after shooting two onlookers in the legs. Then, when a 64-year-old Metro worker attempted to stop him, he was shot and murdered.

Hingeley said he sincerely doubts that a hypothetical six-month active prison term, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars, and ending in June 2022, would have prevented the terrible death and wounded in D.C. seven months after Mr. Trotman’s release.

The District of Columbia Council drastically reduced the district’s law enforcement budget in 2020 after a summer of anti-police protests. The Washington Post stated that during the next two years, the D.C. police force lost around 280 officers. The department is now understaffed and ill-prepared to handle crises due to the flight.

Ashan Benedict, the assistant chief of police, expressed regret that officers hadn’t been to the site earlier on Wednesday, finding it “troubling that our civilians must confront an armed shooter.”