Deadly Jet Crash Claims Lives Of All Passengers

Authorities in Virginia have reported that on Sunday afternoon, a tragic accident that occurred at Ingalls Field Airport, which is located in rural Virginia, resulting in the tragic deaths of both pilots and a family of three, including a little boy who was just three years old.

Authorities say the accident occurred at approximately 3 p.m. local time. Virginia State Police explained that the aircraft was caught short of the runway as it was descending, causing it to crash into trees and a slope. Five people were on board: the pilot, the co-pilot, a male and female passenger, and a male juvenile. According to state police, the crash did not leave any survivors.

A local Florida news outlet identified Alfredo Diez and his wife, Kseniia Shanina, as two of the adult fatalities. Diez was the CEO of the Atlantis Flight Academy.

Reports indicated that the couple and one of the pilots were not citizens of the United States and were from India, Russia, and Spain. However, the persons and countries to which each belonged were not disclosed.

Authorities have said that the plane’s owner, their attorney, and a family friend were on their way to an event at Hot Springs’ Homestead Resort.

According to a Lynchburg, Virginia, news outlet, the Bath County 9-1-1 Center said that the original report of the incident resulted in the prompt deployment of local first responders, including the Hot Springs Fire and Rescue, the Virginia State Police, and the Bath County Sheriff’s Office.

Along with the FAA and the NTSB, the State Police is conducting the crash investigation. The crash site will be transferred to Atlanta, Georgia, for further examination, according to authorities’ announcement.

According to the FAA, the jet in question is a twin-engine IAI Astra 1125, and they said that the NTSB would be releasing further details shortly.