CNN Star Laughs After Asking Guest Question About Trump

According to a video report, it was “too early” for South Carolina  Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R) to address CNN reporter Poppy Harlow’s “loaded” question regarding former President Donald Trump. She said she hadn’t had her cup of coffee yet.

Mace got chuckles from the CNN host when she joked her way around Poppy Harlow’s inquiry and insistent follow-up on Wednesday’s morning broadcast of CNN. Harlow questioned whether a Trump conviction would affect her thinking regarding the presidential election.

Mace said she represents a really “purple” area. There are many people who don’t identify as Democrats or Republicans. She can attest to the widespread outrage that followed the second indictment, as many people believed Former President Trump was being unfairly punished. And some of those constituents are not Trump fans. They had previously expressed a desire to sit out the 2024 race but have decided to instead back Trump’s 2024 candidacy. Regardless of what happens, many people expect him to be the nominee, Mace said.

Harlow wanted to know whether Mace would still vote for him as the Republican candidate if Trump is found guilty of the accusations. Mace said it was a rather weighty query for so early in the day.  But that hasn’t become a fact. Today, such is not the case. 

In the meanwhile,  President Joe Biden has fresh issues of his own to deal with. 

A report shows that in a phone call in 2016,  then-Vice President Joe Biden assured Ukraine’s President Poroshenko that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s inquiry into Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian energy firm, had been terminated. Evidence shows it happened at Biden’s direction.

The news of the leaked recording follows the revelation that an FBI informant claimed Joe Biden had accepted a $5 million bribe via a Burisma executive where Vice-Presdent Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden sat on the board and was paid the handsome amount of $50,000 monthly.