China Won’t Be Deterred By US Weapons In Taiwan

Although China is unhappy with the new military assistance package from the Biden administration to Taiwan, it insists that this will not derail unification efforts.

On Friday, the White House unveiled a sweeping assistance package to bolster the self-governing island’s armed forces. The US military will draw on current supplies to provide this help.

On Saturday, a representative for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Chen Binhua, said that their commitment to finding a solution to the Taiwan issue would not waiver regardless of how much money the Taiwanese separatist forces spend or how many weapons the United States provides them with. He said nothing would shake their resolve and firm will to reunite “our motherland.”

China has often claimed sovereignty over Taiwan even though the island is self-governing and uses its own currency and military.

The United States maintains its One China Policy, which includes Taiwan’s inclusion in China. However, the United States supports strong connections with Taiwan and uses strategic ambiguity.

While the United States has previously supplied Taipei with weaponry and military equipment, this time around is different since the items are transferred straight from existing US stockpiles rather than needing Taiwan to wait for development.

Taiwan is becoming a powder keg, according to Binhua, raising the specter of war in the Taiwan Strait.

Weapons, missiles, portable air defense systems, monitoring gear, and more are some of the goods included in the current shipment.

Reunification with Taiwan is a top priority for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has not ruled out the use of force to achieve this goal.

The United States has provided Taiwan about $19 billion in military assistance, including F-16s and other armaments. However, most of this assistance has yet to arrive.

A terrible civil war in 1949 caused China and its adjacent island to split, and they have been autonomous nations ever since.

The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan has reported seeing six Chinese military boats near Taiwan’s coast.