California Moves To Ban Single-Use Restaurant Items

Over the last 100 years, the geographical and cultural state of the United States has been altered considerably. Indeed, when comparing the state of modern contemporary American culture to how individuals lived in the nation just 100 years prior, the difference is staggering. The automobile was in its infancy, and horse drawn carriages were still the most common modes of transportation for ordinary individuals (besides locomotives for more lengthy excursions). People dressed extremely modestly- suits and ties were commonplace attire for men in any form of public appearance or employment besides extremely dirty trades, and women were largely homemakers and not a large percentage of the workforce like they are today. American families largely lived on one income, and the nuclear family was dominant (a male and female married in one household with children). In a recent report, the serious decline of the American traditional family is extremely evident, as now in the 2020’s for the first time in the history of the country the traditional married husband and wife family unit is a clear minority amongst citizens with only 37% of households identifying as operating under this structure.

The effect on America’s youth has been catastrophic, as crime levels have soared, drug usage has skyrocketed, and mental health problems are all on the rise. It is no secret that there are many domestic problems in the United States. Quite sadly, the federal government appears downright unwilling to address these problems. While the culture of the country is seriously deteriorating, overdevelopment and pollution remain major problems. In California, a beach was closed after over 90,000 gallons of sewage spilled into the ocean in Laguna Beach.

The state of California has many problems, ranging from soaring taxes to rolling blackouts. Progressive leadership continues to negatively impact the state; in a most recent development, lawmakers are attempting to ban paper and plastic cups from fast restaurants and replace them with “reusable” alternatives.