Billionaires Slammed For Not Bailing Out Trump

Mark Levin, a Fox News commentator, has blasted billionaires for not coming to the aid of Donald Trump and his ruinous legal fees.

A member of Trump’s legal team recently said that the president would have trouble paying the $400 million civil fraud penalty New York imposed on him.

To pay his penalty and temporarily stop the implementation of the monetary part of the civil trial verdict, Trump is demanded to pay a $464 million bond.

According to a New York court, Trump and top officials at The Trump Organization inflated the value of his properties to get better terms from insurers and lenders. After factoring in interest, the final sum will be close to $454 million.

The legal team representing Trump said in a Monday court filing that Trump is unlikely to pay the $464 million. They have asked for a stay until the appeal is finalized. In their pursuit of financial backing, his group contacted thirty-three different businesses. Levin suggested on X that Republican millionaires back Trump monetarily so that he may fight “the unjust case.”

A GoFundMe campaign has raised just over $1.3 million in under a month, but that’s still not enough to fully cover the bill.

The January verdict that Trump must pay $83.3 million in damages to journalist E. Jean Carroll for remarks he made in 2019 has also impacted Trump’s financial status. $7.3 million was awarded as compensatory damages, $11 million as damages for harm to reputation, and $65 million as punitive damages.

After Judge Lewis Kaplan denied Trump’s motion to postpone the imposition of fines in the defamation lawsuit, the president was forced to put up over $92 million in bond.

In the eyes of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party’s lawfare is directly responsible for Donald Trump’s court-ordered financial hardship. Trump will be forced to liquidate his immensely profitable companies to pay for unfair fines.

Mark Levin asks: Why aren’t any patriotic conservative businesses stepping forward to lend Trump money?

No wealthy Republican has offered to chip in money for his short-term fix.