Big Tech Caught Censoring Their Own AI

After receiving much negative feedback about its picture-generating feature, Google has decided to restrict the answers that its AI chatbot, Gemini, will provide to questions concerning the upcoming election.

When asked to create pictures, it was clear that leftwing programmers chose to create a false narrative that conforms to their wishes rather than be historically accurate. Portrayals of female popes, Asian Nazis in Germany, and black Founding Fathers have been laughably generated by the chatbot.

In a year when Americans will go to the polls to elect the United States president, the emergence of publicly available AI has heightened worries about disseminating false information. Prior to the presidential election, Google said in December that it would be implementing limitations on its AI technology.

When asked about the forthcoming November presidential election between Trump and Biden, the AI app informed the user that it didn’t know enough about it and referred to a Google search for additional information.

The chatbot is also facing restrictions in India because of the upcoming elections in April. When asked to predict the winner of the Indian elections, the chatbot provided basic information about the main parties, links to current polls, and resources for additional study. Google chose not to comment on the process by which Gemini chooses the additional research resources.

Tech companies in India are being asked to obtain government approval before distributing “unreliable” or experimental artificial intelligence technologies to the public. The Indian government’s explicit consent is necessary before using such techniques, including generative AI.

In the past, Google took a break from its Gemini image generator due to concerns that it was “missing the mark” when it produced photographs that included varied but historically incorrect genders and ethnicities.

To prevent blunders in technology deployment, Google has barred its AI chatbot Gemini from discussing the next worldwide elections.