Biden’s Chip Manufacturing Goals Hit Major Roadblocks

America continues to be mired in a stalemated non-violent cultural and social war. Truly, although it is obvious to any casual observer that the state of global politics is anarchial, unpredictable and chaotic, the seemingly ever increasing list of fiscal and social problems affecting Americans at home are arguably more concerning in comparison to the mess of international affairs. Economically, widespread and soaring inflation remains a crippling force, placing serious burdens of the nation’s shrinking middle class (which was historically the backbone of the American economy). As the decline of the United States continues fiscally, culturally the battle of a national identity continues to rage. This cultural contest has engulfed nearly every aspect of ordinary life in the United States. Corporations have increasingly taken controversial positions and have chosen “sides” on the cultural front. In the worlds of professional sports and acting, athletes, celebrities, entire related organizations have deemed social issues a focus in recent years. Individuals and companies that take and have taken “sides” on issues run the risk of infuriating Americans across the political spectrum.

One issue which has been widely promoted by progressive politicians and their media allies is the usage of electric vehicles. On Wednesday, September 27th, Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made the bold assertion that electric vehicles were going to be the future of automotive transportation whether people “were ready or not”. Buttigieg, making the statement on CNN, dismissed the concerns of striking auto workers around the push towards electric cars.

Many of the parts required to build electric vehicles are sourced in China. Most technological products required to build phones, laptops, and other devices are indeed produced in China or Taiwan. President Biden had attempted to bolster American “chip” manufacturing after passing an act in 2022, but this has not been successful. Biden had pledged funding for American infrastructure dedicated to the production of these products, but the reality of this is uncertain.