Biden to Float Idea of Ceasefire as Tensions Mount

Is a Russia-Ukraine ceasefire possible? Tensions between the two neighboring nations have been going on for eight years. Russia put boots on the ground 15 months ago, and the death toll rises daily on both sides. 

The Council on Foreign Relations measures the economic toll on the US exceeds $76.8 billion for military support, financial aid, and humanitarian assistance. 

President Biden recently announced his re-election bid and is exploring a possible ceasefire between the two rival nations. Due to recent documents released on the internet by US airman Jack Teixeira, there’s an indication that Ukraine may not have the resources necessary to mount a spring counteroffensive against Russian Forces.

The leaked Pentagon papers showed low levels of ammunition and troops within the Ukraine military.

While the Biden Administration has pledged to stand with Ukraine for “as long as it takes,” the public and Washington insiders fear that Ukraine will be unable to retake Russian-controlled territories taken in 2014. 

 Failure in Ukraine could derail Biden’s White House expectations. His strategy will undoubtedly be questioned no matter the outcome of the ongoing conflict, which is why a ceasefire is preferable to a full-blown peace agreement. 

In March 2023, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of State, felt that Ukraine would fail in any effort to retake Crimea. 

White House and Pentagon officials advised Ukraine officials in a March 2023 meeting to assess their capabilities before taking military action in Ukraine. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a Twitter post his promise to free Crimea from Russian control. Zelenskyy’s Chief of Staff said Ukraine would be open to a Crimea discussion when and if Kyiv’s forces reach the border. 

The ceasefire would be modeled after the NATO Alliance, meaning other nations would come to Ukraine’s aid if the ceasefire was broken. The European Union would provide economic aid plus military assistance from other nations. There is hope that President XI of China could convince Russian President Putin to enter the talks, and a ceasefire could begin.