Biden Slammed For Aid Airdrops In Gaza

The United States carried out the first airdrop of supply forces over the Gaza Strip, which is under the authority of Hamas. The airdrop offered around 38,000 meals to the people living in the region that elected the terrorist group that was responsible for the attacks that took place on October 7.

The United States Central Command and the Jordanian Air Force carried out the airdrop as part of an ongoing effort to increase the amount of aid delivered to Gaza. This effort included boosting the flow of aid through terrestrial corridors and routes.

Three officials from President Joe Biden’s administration stated that the planes dropped military Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) in areas believed to provide civilians with the highest level of safety to obtain help. As a result of the United States’ monitoring of the sites, they observed civilians approaching and exchanging food among themselves.

Officials from the United States emphasized that they desired Israel to open up land borders to Gaza to initiate a more consistent flow of supplies into the territory.

However, this “justice” for humanitarian purposes could prolong the conflict because it will, in essence, assist those complicit in the attack. Although trucks can transport much more aid more efficiently, airplanes’ ability to assist in a specific place in a concise amount of time gives them an edge over trucks.

A random airdrop of aid is an inferior idea. Hamas, historically, confiscates aid and distributes it to the people-  portraying itself as the good guy while taking most of the bounty.

Most agree it is in everyone’s best interest for this conflict to be resolved as quickly as possible, but others say the conflict should not involve an untimely cease-fire or the provision of humanitarian assistance to a population that is complicit in the actions of their government.

Experts say, as a component of a comprehensive reset in the area, it is imperative that Hamas, its partners, and its supporters be eliminated first by the use of force and later through the process of de-radicalization.