Biden Gets Slammed For Treatment Of Reporter

White House aides are coming forward with allegations of President Joe Biden’s impatient and interrogative temper, according to Mediaite. The president has reportedly yelled at several aides throughout his time in office, which aides have called an initiation at the White House. 

The octogenarian grandpa is not as friendly and harmless as he appears in public with some suggesting that Biden should erupt more often to alleviate concerns that he is getting too old to govern. In one instance, Biden reportedly shouted expletives at one of the aides. 

“God dammit, how the f**k don’t you know this?!,” “Don’t f**king bullsh*t me!” and “Get the f**k out of here!” he screamed. 

Biden’s yelling is characterized as some sort of interrogative game, sources say. He will allegedly ask someone questions until he gets to one that they do not know. Aides have called it “stump the chump” or “stump the dummy.” His yelling has become a badge of honor for some. If Biden does not yell at someone, it is seen as him not respecting them. 

Former Press Secretary Jen Psaki reportedly told Biden several times that she knows if they have a trusting relationship if he yells at her. Other aides say that the president’s temper is indicative of his high expectations for his staff. Many have allegedly come to his defense, saying that in spite of his temper, he is one of the most compassionate politicians in Washington. 

But not all previous aides feel that way. Jeff Connaughton, who previously worked for Biden’s campaign and worked underneath his chief of staff Ted Kaufman, called the president an “egomaniacal autocrat.” He then recalled a time when a young fundraising staffer told Biden it was time to make fundraising calls. Biden, then a senator, allegedly kicked him out of the car.