Biden Cries Murder 3 Years After George Floyd’s Death

Once again, the president, known for his misleading statements, is back at it. 

On May 25, we marked the third anniversary of the unfortunate death of George Floyd, a violent criminal. 

However, Joe Biden’s Twitter account resurfaced the false narrative that George Floyd was murdered through suffocation caused by police violence.

Biden, who has a track record of disregarding the Constitution, even took the opportunity to deliver a sermon on America’s founding. 

He tweeted, “The murder of George Floyd revealed to many what Black and Brown communities have long been aware of and experienced – the need for a steadfast commitment to ensuring that America fulfills its founding promise of fair and unbiased justice for all. 

Today, as we commemorate three years since his passing, let us build upon our progress and renew our dedication to transforming attitudes, policies, and laws.”

What progress has been made? The effectiveness of law enforcement is limited, increasing violent crime, which unfortunately often disproportionately affects black Americans. 

Furthermore, there are ongoing efforts by certain Democrats to fuel racial hatred.

Following the events of May 2020, when George Floyd passed away, a medical examiner determined that Floyd’s cause of death was not asphyxia or strangulation, contrary to the claims made by Biden and other individuals on the left. 

It was revealed that Floyd had substances or drugs in his system and preexisting health conditions. 

While it can be argued that Officer Derek Chauvin should not have kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for as long as he did, it is inaccurate to characterize his actions as “murder.”

Where was the empathy from the left for the numerous black Americans whose communities and businesses were ravaged by the riots of 2020? 

What about the black individuals, including men, women, and children, who fell victim to gun violence in cities like Chicago and other Democrat-led cities with lenient crime policies? 

And what about the black Americans, including innocent children, who were tragically killed or assaulted by rioters in 2020 and the subsequent period?

Surprisingly, President Biden took to Twitter to boast about his alleged efforts to enhance “public safety,” completely disregarding the alarming surge in crime rates across America. 

The president assures the nation that he is actively working to create a safer country, but it seems the reality tells a different story.