Arizona Rancher Says He Recorded 3k Migrants Crossed into the US in Last 3 Years

A rancher in Arizona told Fox News this week that in just the past three years, he’s taken more than 3,000 photos of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

Despite this claim, rancher Jim Chilton said that he hasn’t seen any Border Patrol Agents on his property in “four months.”

Chilton appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” program on Fox News Wednesday to discuss the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border with Mexico, and what effects it has had on his ranch specifically.

About five miles of his ranch stretch along the border with Mexico and Arizona. The host of the show, Laura Ingraham, asked him what he’s been “regularly finding” that many Americans might be “shocked” to find out.

He replied:

“Well, I have five motion-activated cameras. In the last three years, I’ve collected 3,050 images of people in camouflage, carpet shoes and similar backpacks. I’m sure — [I’ve] been told — that at least 20% are packing drugs to come into our country to poison our people.”

Ingraham then asked him whether what the Biden administration has planned for the southern border brings him any comfort. He replied:

“No, there are so many people coming through that they are busy processing people. I haven’t seen a Border Patrol agent on the ranch property for over four months.”

Ingraham then asked whether Chilton had reached out to Border Patrol or any other officials about the security issue. This is particular concern for someone like Chilton, who’s property abuts an area of the border where there’s an opening in the east border wall.

He responded:

“Essentially, the Border Patrol guys tell me they’re nothing but taxi agents picking up people coming across the border and wanting to be apprehended, processed and released into the country.”

Chilton discussed his ranch specifically, where there’s a hole in the border wall that wasn’t finished. The end of the wall is on his ranch’s property. He explained:

“It proceeded from Sasabe out east, and then on Biden’s first day in office, he stopped it [with] a half a mile to go on my ranch.”

That left a hole in the wall through which thousands of migrants have proceeded through over the last few years. Yet, despite this photographic evidence, and the fact that Chilton has reached out to authorities for help, there’s nothing anyone can apparently do to help him — or stop it.

It’s a problem that’s of course not relegated to just Chilton or Arizona. It’s a problem that’s been occurring in similar fashion all across the southern border with Mexico — from California in the west to Texas in the east.

Ever since Biden took hold of the White House three years ago, there have been record numbers of illegal immigrants coming into the country.

Data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that there have been almost 7.3 million encounters between Border Patrol agents and illegal immigrants during the Biden administraiton.