Americans Go Hungery Over Joe Biden’s Economic Policies 

( Biden’s poor economic policies have led to an out-of-control increase in the price of food, directly causing people to go hungry. Around one-fourth of American adults are food insecure, according to a recent Urban Institute poll. 

As of 2021, when Biden became president, just 20% of Americans went without enough food to sustain themselves and their family. By the end of 2022, an alarming 24.6% of American homes lacked reliable access to affordable, nutritious food. The percentage of people going hungry in the United States has risen by 23% in only the last year. 

Just how bad could things get?  

When asked, the majority of respondents (63.2%) reported that the price of food and household products had increased “a lot” during the last year. 

Joe Biden’s poor economic policies have disproportionately hurt those of Hispanic and black origin. 

The published results of the research are as follows:  

-Sixty-two percent of adults whose grocery shopping costs increased significantly reported either reducing the amount of food they bought or not buying the kinds of foods they wanted 

– Forty-three percent withdrew money from their savings, and 36.3% increased their credit card debt due to the price increases.  

– Around 16.5% of people ate meals provided by charities. 

The economic status of the American people deteriorated during Biden’s leadership. Forty-one percent of American families say they are worse off financially than when President Joe Biden started office. 

With the publishing of a “fact sheet” with the headline “The Biden Economic Plan Is Working,” it is abundantly clear that the White House continues to ignore the problem. 

The creation of food deserts results from prosecutors being soft on crime and businesses exiting those areas. This only exacerbates the food scarcity crisis. 

Joe Biden is touting the success of his initiatives, but as more and more Americans go hungry, one has to question whether this will hurt his chances of being president in 2024.