Alan Dershowitz Calls Evidence Against Trump “Damning”

As a member of the president’s defense team during his first impeachment trial and as a pundit on cable news, Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard law professor, frequently defended the president against various issues, most notably against the Russia investigation led by former special counsel Robert Mueller.

However, in an interview published over the weekend, the emeritus professor warned that former President Donald Trump risks an indictment from the federal government that is “much stronger” than the one from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

On Sunday, Dershowitz told Fox News that the charge was an example of “targeting” the former president, but he acknowledged that the indictment had one “damning piece of evidence” that might present severe issues for Trump.

Dershowitz said the crucial damning evidence is the tape recording where Trump stupidly waves a piece of paper and says, “I could have declassified this, but I didn’t.”

Trump is admitting on tape that he is showing classified information to people without security clearance. 

Dershowitz said it’s possible he didn’t intend for that individual to read it. However, you cannot argue that the tape recorder is an unreliable witness or that the witness should not have been allowed to testify because it cannot be cross-examined. That certainly adds up to incriminating proof.

To Dershowitz’s point, arguing that Trump was within his rights to possess the paper under the Presidential Records Act is a “weak defense.”

If even half of what Trump is accused of is accurate, former Attorney General Bill Barr said on Fox News on Sunday; then the former president is “toast.”

Barr said Trump being targeted, or the victim of some witch hunt, is “completely absurd.”

Barr said his detractors have relentlessly pursued him with false accusations. He fought beside him to protect him when he was a target of that, but that’s not the case now.

According to Barr, the “Russiagate” scandal has no basis. He said it was an attempt to discredit him. He believes the administration did the right thing. They offered him plenty of chances to hand over the documents, and he refused.

At least he didn’t “bleach bit” them or hit them with a hammer.