Adams Blasted For Comparing NYC To Haiti

A comparison between New York City and Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital, which has been hit hard by gang violence in the last few weeks, has gotten New York City Mayor Eric Adams in trouble.

More than 4,500 convicts escaped when armed gangs staged enormous jailbreaks from Haiti’s two biggest prisons.  The situation in Haiti quickly escalated. Ariel Henry, the interim prime minister of the Caribbean island, has resigned in response to the gangs’ demands, which reportedly control around 80% of the capital city. Henry will remain in his position until a transitional executive council is established.

Last Wednesday, Adams published a post on X referring to New York City as America’s Port-Au-Prince and said they share in the suffering of their Haitian neighbors. 

According to the “Community Note” that followed his post, no one had ever stated this before Eric Adams.  Port-au-Prince was not among the eleven New York City appellations linked to in the message.

Ignoring the barbs, Adams linked to a resource that might help with illegal migrant travel in a subsequent post.

US military leaders and politicians are concerned about mass illegal migration into the US. Over 250 Florida State Guard and law enforcement officers, Division of Emergency Management,  and soldiers were sent to the southern Florida shore by Governor Ron DeSantis last week.

A report from the Migration Policy Institute says the 15th-biggest foreign-born population in the United States in 2022 consisted of 730,000 Haitian immigrants. From 2017 to 2021, they predicted that 49% of Haitian immigrants would settle in Florida, with 19% in New York. Nearly 21% of Haitian immigrants lived in Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and  New Jersey.

During a town hall session in Brooklyn last in February, Adams—who is now under criticism for his management of the illegal migrant issue in New York City—bragged that his city government is filled with “chocolate” (meaning black) members.  He claimed that the reason people hated him was because he was the face of the city.  

Adams, who is currently facing an FBI investigation into his campaign and a sexual assault accusation, then proceeded to compare himself to Jesus.