Trump Leads Biden In Potential 2024 Matchup

Voters may have to select between Donald Trump and Joe Biden again in the 2024 presidential election. Biden ran against Trump in 2020 and won, becoming the 46th president.

Biden, Trump, and DeSantis were the focus of two hypothetical contests in a nationwide survey of registered voters for the 2024 election. In the presidential election 2024, these three have been seen as the most likely to win.

Based on hypothetical matches presented to registered voters, the weekly Morning Consult survey showed that Biden would win against Trump and DeSantis.

In the most recent poll, voters preferred Biden over Trump by 43% to 42%. This is an increase of 1% above Trump’s performance over the previous three weeks. Ten percent indicated they’d vote for someone else, and five percent said they weren’t sure.

Trump’s advantage among Republican voters has grown by four points to 44 percent, according to a new survey from Morning Consult. Despite a fourth indictment and Trump’s absence from the first Republican debate broadcast on Fox Corporation, Trump has made gains in the polls.

Biden defeated DeSantis 43% to 39% in a hypothetical runoff. Twelve percent indicated they would vote for an alternative candidate, and seven percent said they weren’t sure. DeSantis has progressed from last week’s survey, when he received 37% of the vote.

The survey showed a steady decline in support for DeSantis compared to Biden, mirroring trends found in polls of Republican presidential candidates.

Morning Consult found that, for the first time since the survey started in December 2022, Trump led Biden 44% to 41% in a June poll.

The incumbent president has maintained a lead of one or two points over Trump in most polls, except the one survey in which Trump passed Biden.

When asked who has the most excellent chance to defeat Biden in a head-to-head fight, Republican respondents favored Trump over Biden in a survey conducted by Morning Consult.

There 62% of respondents who said they would vote for Trump, up 9 points from the previous week and matched for the highest percentage since monitoring started in April. The survey only gave 13% to DeSantis, with Vivek Ramaswamy coming in at #3 with 6%.

While Trump was accused of allegedly trying to influence the result of the 2020 presidential election, new polling data became available. In 2023, the ex-president faced four separate indictments.