Trump Jr. Fiance Blasts Fox News For Questioning Debate Access

Despite what she called Fox News’ pathetic message indicating they would not be permitted to join the post-debate media area, Kimberly Guilfoyle said she and her fiance, Donald Trump Jr., tried to attend the first GOP presidential primary debate.

According to an internal document acquired by a media outlet, Fox News restricted entry to the post-debate “spin room” on Wednesday night in Milwaukee to only representatives of candidates who took part in the debate. Trump, the former president and current frontrunner for the Republican nomination, had already announced his absence.

According to the document, any media outlet could invite representatives of candidates who weren’t participating in the debate to attend.

Former Fox News employee Guilfoyle went off on the network in an interview on Newsmax.

Reports show that Fox News security refused to let Donald Trump Jr. inside the spin room after the first Republican presidential debate for the 2024 race, which took place in Milwaukee.

Trump Jr. was not permitted in the spin room, where politicians, campaign workers, and journalists usually meet after a debate to put their “spin” on the evening’s events.

Trump Jr. told the reporters that FOX was trying to prevent people from having an honest dialogue about politics.

Instead of participating in the first Gop primary debate, Trump sat down for a record-breaking online chat with Tucker Carlson.

The conversation between the two prominent America First populists was widely anticipated to draw in Republican viewers who usually tune in to Fox News. They were correct.

According to CNN’s estimates, just 11.1% of potential viewers tuned in to see the Fox News debate. An additional 1.7 million people tuned in to Fox Business.

About 245 million people have seen Trump’s conversation with Tucker.

Conservative radio personality and political analyst Larry Elder has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint aimed at the Republican National Committee. The lawsuit charges unfair debate standards and unlawful in-kind gifts by the RNC. Such infractions could cost over $100 million.