Passenger Tackled After Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’

On September 4, 2023, the Airbus A321 departed from Israel around 10.30 p.m. local time. However, due to a passenger’s disruptive behavior, the pilot made an unscheduled landing at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, Serbia.

During a flight from Israel to England on Monday, a man suddenly attempted to open the plane’s door while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Victor Troboloni, a passenger heading to London to visit his ailing mother, quickly intervened. With the help of others, Troboloni managed to subdue the individual until crew members restrained him.

Troboloni, recalling the frightening episode to the Sun, mentioned how he feared he might never see his mother again due to the unfolding situation.

The flight, operated by Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air (Flight W9 4452), had to make an emergency landing in Belgrade, Serbia, following the incident. Wizz Air emphasized the importance of their passengers and crew’s safety and security, expressing regret over the unforeseen disruption.

Eyewitness accounts, along with a video clip obtained by the Sun, highlighted Troboloni’s swift response. The 45-year-old described how he noticed the man attempting to open the emergency exit and swiftly acted to prevent any potential catastrophe. With assistance from other passengers, the disruptive passenger was held down until he could be securely restrained.

Troboloni stated that the individual had shouted “Allahu Akbar” – a phrase which means “God is most great” in Arabic. However, the reasons behind the man’s actions remain unclear, and officials have yet to determine if he had ties to extremist groups.

Before this incident, the man was observed moving frequently between the pilot’s cabin and the rear emergency exit. A plane engineer on board commented on the man’s behavior, suggesting he might have been assessing the aircraft.

The Airbus A321-271NX, scheduled to arrive at LTN at 1:30 a.m., had an extended stay in Belgrade. Consequently, passengers had to disembark and remain overnight.

This recent incident brings to mind a previous event last month, where Delta passengers assisted a flight attendant who faced threats from a passenger in New Orleans.