Fox News Host Defends Biden, Gets Pushback From Viewers

( Geraldo Rivera, the “politically fluid” co-host on Fox News, has gotten himself into trouble again after posting a controversial opinion on Twitter regarding President Joseph Biden.

On Monday, Biden surprised everyone by traveling to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Biden also caused a sensation with his entry in the guest book at the Ukrainian royal house.

The interview alludes to a recent New York Times article, “the Biden administration is weighing the idea that Kyiv needs the authority to strike at the Ukrainian peninsula taken by Russia in 2014.”

Even though Biden was in Ukraine on President’s Day instead of the United States, Geraldo congratulated the president.

He then tweeted, “Bravo Biden stand and deliver.”

Some Twitter users quickly began attacking Geraldo, with some even demanding that he be forced to resign or be fired.

Several US politicians have said they think helping Ukraine should be a high priority, while others have highlighted concerns about the lack of control in the continued funding for the country.

Republican House Whip Kevin McCarthy of California has voiced reservations about providing Ukraine with an unfettered assistance package, but the Biden administration has pledged to stand with Zelenskyy’s government for as long as it takes.

National security authorities have released further details on President Biden’s surprise travel to Ukraine. This visit is unique due to the area’s absence of U.S. military infrastructure.

Kyiv, Ukraine, is a city that has been the target of Russian missile assaults in the past.

At a news conference, reporters repeatedly asked national security advisor Jake Sullivan whether the United States had warned Moscow of Biden’s travel.

Sullivan confirmed that the Russians were informed of President Biden’s planned trip to Ukraine. For the sake of avoiding any conflicts, we did so a few hours before he left.