China Reports A Giant “Settlement” Underway For Ukraine

( Last Monday, China’s Vice Foreign Minister said Beijing was working to end Russia’s war in Ukraine by addressing the root causes of the conflict from the communist party perspective.

During his keynote speech at the “2023 Macro Situation Annual Forum and the 4th China Think Tank International Influence Forum” last Monday, Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng said Beijing has been taking “the right action” to help promote peace talks between Russia and Ukraine and is “working on settlement projects” that are designed to “address the root causes and consequences of the Ukrainian crisis,” according to a report from the Russian state news service TASS.

According to TASS, Xie also attacked those “spreading rumors” alleging that China would use “forces to turn things around” and “maligning China for some secret reasons.”

Xie, who will likely take over as China’s ambassador to the United States, also said that “mutual respect is the prerequisite for successful relations between the US and China. He said both China and the United States should recognize and respect the differences in their social systems and development and “not try to change or even subvert each other’s systems.”

He said that the US and China must stick to a “peaceful coexistence,” adding that conflict between the two countries would eventually damage not only their interests but the interest of the world.

Xie said since US and China “have extensive common interests in bilateral and multilateral fields,” there should be cooperation between the two countries. He added that such cooperation would be mutually beneficial.

Xie also assured the audience that President Biden has repeatedly reiterated to President Xi Jinping that the United States does not want to change the Chinese system nor does it seek a “new Cold War.” He said Biden also assured Xi that the United States does not support Taiwan’s independence.