Biden Campaign Staff Avoid Questions About His Age

On Sunday, Cedric Richmond, co-chairman of President Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign, dodged inquiries about the president’s age. Instead, he focused on the “kitchen table challenges” facing today’s country.

Biden’s capacity to run and serve for another four years has been called into doubt owing to his advanced age. He would be 86 years old by the completion of a second term, making him the most senior president in history.

Richmond said when asked how the campaign plans to react to criticism of Biden’s age on ABC’s This Week that while “they” continue to speak about age, he will talk about what Americans are talking about kitchen table concerns.

Richmond defended Biden’s age, praised the programs of the Biden administration, and blasted future GOP challengers.

He said they will keep talking about the fact that they are considering age but not the ban on assault weapons and literature, not the safety of children in schools. Richmond said when we witness flames in Maui, storms in California, and the devastation caused by wildfires, it’s shocking that no one says climate change is a severe problem or even a topic of conversation.

Some Republican contenders at last week’s first GOP primary debate called for mandatory mental and physical exams for government officials in light of concerns about the president’s health.

Biden has said that age is a significant factor in why people don’t want him to run again in many national surveys. When asked by CNN last month whether Democrats who want him to stand down are “right or wrong,” Biden said that they are neither.

The President seems to grow weary when the issue of age being a detriment is raised. He believes we have reached an inflection moment. Biden thinks we are living in a time of great transition. And if you have lived an honest life, he believes there is one thing that comes with age, and that is wisdom.

A survey conducted by NBC News in June found that over two-thirds of respondents were worried about Biden’s advanced age.