World Is Suddenly Blacklisting The Idea Of Peace In Ukraine

( National security blog reveals that the Congressional Progressive Caucus called for the diplomatic resolution of the Russo-Ukrainian War in a letter. The move was derided by mainstream Democrats, who called it a letter Vladimir Putin would be glad to sign. Nevertheless, it was comforting to see that at least some Democrats were calling for a peaceful solution.

Almost a day following its distribution, the CPC cowardly withdrew its letter.

19fortyfive explains that if you write a letter outlining your plan to resolve the most contentious geopolitical problem, you should be prepared to face some resistance. Furthermore, it is probably not a good idea for you to hold a position of significance if you are not ready to put forth reasonable answers that are not in line with the general opinion and if you are not prepared to encounter opposition. Without a doubt, you shouldn’t be influencing American foreign policy.

The CPC’s chairperson, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, expressed regret for the letter’s publishing and referred to it as a “distraction.”

It seemed more like a fundamental act of statecraft than a diversion to suggest a diplomatic solution to a war in which the U.S. has already invested $65 billion and will soon invest another $50 billion.

According to reports, Jayapal also expressed regret over the letter’s release being at the same time as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recent claim that Republicans would cut off aid to Ukraine if they were to regain control of the House.

There are ways to prevent your policy position from being confused with someone else’s. For instance, a brief explanation of the distinctions between McCarthy’s comments and the CPC letter in Jayapal’s apologies would have been sufficient.

The CPC should consider whether giving $115 billion to Ukraine this year advances American interests more generally or, more particularly, promotes the interests of the progressive voters who supported the CPC on the promise of enlarging social safety nets.

The CPC brought up an important aspect. The United States should discuss the strategic merits of direct dialogue with Russia. It is strange to leave out diplomacy as it is a fundamental strategy tool.

Has anyone tried calling Putin a White Supremacist? That usually helps.