Woman Caught Spitting, Cursing At Protesters In Mall

A disturbing incident occurred on Black Friday at a shopping center in northern California. An ugly fight broke out in the San Jose Westfield Valley Fair Mall.

Protesters demanding a ceasefire have converged on retail malls in many US cities.

Hundreds of protesters walked through the mall yelling, “While you’re shopping, bombs are falling.”

In San Jose, a lady spat on pro-Palestine activists and snarled racial comments at a parent who tried to confront her.

Protesters marched through the mall, and footage of the event shows a red-haired lady yelling at a group from a balcony on the second floor. The activists were demanding a ceasefire.

The lady, who remains anonymous, yells out some inaudible words before spitting down at the onlookers.

An older father, cradling his little daughter in his arms, approached the lady as she turned around and warned her not to spit on his kid.

“Don’t even try to tell me what to do!” the lady snapped back. She went on to say that she had not spat on his daughter.

He replied angrily, saying he disapproved of her spitting near his daughter.

As they started to leave, the angry lady yelled out, “F**king Black people.” With that, the lady filming the altercation yells at the redhead for commenting.

Officers stationed at the protest site reported “no crimes recorded” before the crowd departed at around 3:30 p.m. The department said they were not notified of the incident involving the yelling lady, but they are “still going through material” from their investigation.

After thwarting Macy’s famous NYC Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday, anti-Israel demonstrators continued their assault on the business on Black Friday.

Protesters shouted, “Why are you shopping?” as customers entered the midtown Manhattan store.

Officials had warned that the protest would create traffic delays, but demonstrators ignored the warnings and blocked 34th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan with a huge Palestinian flag on Black Friday, joining other pro-Palestine protests throughout the city.