Witnesses Spotted UFOs During Month, Report Finds

(PresidentialHill.com)- During the months of August and September, several veteran pilots have reported seeing unidentified aerial objects flying in circles above them as they flew over the Pacific Ocean.

During a recent episode of the Discovery+ show “UFO Witness,” host Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, played recordings of pilots reporting to the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) describing what they saw over the Pacific.

One pilot is heard describing “a few aircraft” flying in circles at a higher altitude. The pilot asks LA ARTCC if they knew what the aircraft were. The controller was not sure, telling the pilot he was not flying into military airspace.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Chris Van Voorhis, a pilot with almost 50 years of experience and 32,000 flight hours, saw three to five bright objects racing in a circular motion while he was flying between Honolulu and Los Angeles in August.

Van Voorhis told the Mail that bright lights would come on enabling him to see them move, then the lights went out. He said the unknown objects must have been flying “in a very, very high orbit” or possibly in outer space. He said it couldn’t have been a satellite since satellites fly along a linear path. These bright lights were flying in different directions.

On “UFO Witness,” host Ben Hansen said he had spoken to pilots from Southwest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and other carriers who have flown over the Pacific between August 6 and September 23 who all agreed they had seen UFOs.

He said many of those pilots “were very confident” that the lights weren’t flying in just one direction but both. Something that would be “very unusual for satellites,” Hansen added.

Hansen said at least six pilots are willing to speak to investigative agencies on the record about what they saw.

He said most pilots don’t report what they witness because either they don’t believe the FAA will follow up on it or they believe they’ll be ridiculed.