Whopping 70% Of Republicans Say Impeach Biden When GOP Takes Over

(PresidentialHill.com)- According to a recent YouGov poll conducted in early May, over two-thirds of Republican voters want the GOP to impeach President Joe Biden if they retake the House in the Midterm elections.

Overall, the survey found that only 34 percent want to see Joe Biden impeached, while 66 percent do not.

But among Republicans, Trump supporters, and conservatives, support for a Republican-led impeachment of the president is significantly higher.

Sixty-eight percent of Republicans/Trump voters said Biden should be impeached by a GOP House, while 66 percent of conservatives agreed.

When asked if they think a Republican-controlled House actually would impeach the president, 44 percent of all respondents and a majority of Republicans (53 percent) said yes.

It shouldn’t come as a galloping surprise that Republican voters want a GOP House to weaponize impeachment in the same way the Democrat-controlled House did to former President Trump.

Politicizing impeachment to get Trump was bound to come with unintended consequences. And one of those consequences is that American voters want to use impeachment as a political weapon.

The difference, of course, is that making the case against President Biden would be much easier than the shoddy case made against former President Trump in late 2019.

But whether or not Republican lawmakers are willing to follow-through remains to be seen. As a general rule, Republicans are less likely to exploit power to the degree Democrats do.

The YouGov poll also asked respondents what candidate they wanted as their 2024 nominee.

While Joe Biden was the number choice for the 2024 nominee, only 33 percent of Democrats chose him. Second place went to socialist Bernie Sanders (17 percent) with the unpopular Kamala Harris taking third place with a measly 12 percent.

Among Republicans, Donald Trump remains the number one choice with 55 percent. Coming in second was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 26 percent. While Trump’s support remains identical from where he was in December, Ron DeSantis enjoyed a 6-point bump in support.