Whoopi Goldberg Makes Fool Of Herself After Brutal Rant

On Tuesday, the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” were complaining about the recent laws states have enacted placing restrictions on abortion, including Florida’s “Heartbeat Protection Act” which limits most abortions to the first six weeks of pregnancy.

During the discussion, co-host Whoopie Goldberg inadvertently revealed that she is completely ignorant about how representative democracy is supposed to work.

Whoopie complained that the lawmakers who are enacting abortion legislation are “not asking their constituents.” She said they are “coming in” and making decisions for their constituents that she doesn’t believe their constituents like.

Whoopie said she doesn’t think lawmakers should govern that way. She said they should “put it out there” and do “whatever the people say.” She argued that what the lawmakers are doing is a mistake since they are “making these edicts” that go against what their constituents want.

But their constituents elected these legislators to represent them in the government.

The voters choose their representatives to speak on their behalf, and lawmakers support or oppose legislation based on the will of their constituents.

That’s how a representative democracy works.

While Whoopi Goldberg may not approve of the Florida law, the voters in the state, that gave Ron DeSantis a 19-point election victory and elected Republican super majorities in both chambers of the state legislature, broadly support the 6-week abortion limit.

Not long before Governor DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Protection Act into law, a poll from the pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony found that the vast majority of Florida voters (62 percent) supported the legislation.

As Barack Obama often liked to say, elections have consequences. And in Whoopi’s case, one of the consequences of Florida’s November election sweep is that the state might enact laws that a New Yorker like Whoopi Goldberg may not like.