WH Faces Backlash For Leaking Images Of Special Forces

After the White House posted an Instagram photo-op of the Commander-In-Chief, Joe Biden, with American troops stationed in Israel, the administration came under fire for possibly putting the identities of American service members at risk.

On Thursday, the Biden administration conceded that they had made a mistake by releasing a photo of soldiers of the elite U.S. Army Special Forces unit stationed in Israel shaking hands with the president in which their faces were visible.

A representative for the White House apologized, saying, “As soon as this was brought to our attention, we quickly deleted the photo.”

The photo was accompanied by text that said Biden was meeting with first responders to commend them for the brave work they’re doing in response to the terrorist assaults perpetrated by Hamas. The White House Instagram account quickly deleted the photo of the President shaking hands with United States Delta Force members on Thursday.

Sam Shoemate, an intelligence analyst, took a snapshot of the photo and uploaded it to X, but he took care to blur the faces of the operators, something the White House didn’t have the good sense to do.

Shoemate claims the photo was posted to Instagram for over an hour and received “hundreds of thousands” of likes and comments before it was deleted by the White House’s social media team.

The original shot did not censor or blur the faces of any of the American soldiers depicted.

Republicans were outraged by the blunder, with some calling the White House inept.

Alec Sears, a member of the Republican National Committee, mocked the White House’s gaffe on X, utilizing the oft-claim by the Democrats that “they are the adults.”

Sears noted that “the adults” just doxxed our elite Special Forces and endangered their lives.

Despite the fact that 32 Americans were killed along with 1,400 others in the Hamas terrorist attack, President Biden has not promised to send American troops to the front lines.