Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz Targeted A Jewish Journalist

(PresidentialHill.com)- Taylor Lorenz, the controversial journalist at The Washington Post, recently targeted a Jewish journalist in an attack that many are calling anti-Semitic, according to Free Beacon.

Lorenz was the subject of ridicule and criticism when she doxed the LibsOfTikTok Twitter account. This time, Lorenz went after Bari Weiss, a successful Substack writer, for starting her new media company, Free Press, which is based on her former newsletter called Common Sense.

Lorenz wasted no time attacking Weiss for having money and rich friends.

“Notable what gets framed as a ‘buzzy media startup,'” Lorenz said, adding that if you start off as rich with rich friends and don’t follow “journalistic ethical rules” then you can go far.

Twitter users lambasted Lorenz for what they called petty projection and jealousy. They also noted how she used a common anti-Semitic trope about how Jewish people are all rich and powerful.

When Lorenz doxed the LibsOfTikTok account, she was also accused of anti-Semitism, as the dox led to the physical harassment of the owner. In addition, she went on to try to ruin the lives of four more Instagram influencers by revealing their identities—all of whom were Jewish.

The Washington Post journalist was recently suspended on Twitter for allegedly violating the terms of service, according to Fox News. Lorenz claims that she did not break any of the rules and calls the suspension personal, alleging that she only had three live tweets at that time—two of which were referring back to her other social media accounts and another that was sent to Musk.

Musk had also suspended other journalists from CNN, Washington Post, and The New York Times for doxing, according to a report from American Pigeon. The suspensions reportedly led CNN stating that they will be re-evaluating their relationship with Twitter.