Washington Post Attacks Republican For Wanting To Allow Freedom Of “Choice”

(PresidentialHill.com)- After Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin issued an executive order barring school districts from mandating masks in schools last month, the Virginia ACLU sued to block the order.

As part of its ongoing mission to attack Youngkin, when the Washington Post reported on the ACLU’s suit it offered up the silliest headline imaginable: “ACLU challenges Youngkin order mandating choice on school masks.”

Leaving it up to parents to decide whether or not their children will wear masks in school is “mandating choice?”

A mandate prevents choice, so how precisely does one “mandate” “choice?”

The Washington Post: putting the “moron” in “oxymoron.”

Needless to say, the Washington Post’s headline was roundly mocked on Twitter.

Unfortunately for the huffy Washington Post, Governor Youngkin’s executive order was backed up by the Virginia legislature which this week passed legislation “mandating choice.”

On Wednesday, Youngkin signed the law ending school mask mandates throughout the state and preventing individual school districts from imposing masks mandates.

The legislation, which received bipartisan support, also requires schools to maintain in-person education five days a week, thus preventing school districts from returning to the “remote” learning that failed school-age kids during the pandemic.

The Virginia ACLU, however, is going through with its lawsuit demanding that school mask mandates be reimposed.

In a tweet on Thursday, the ACLU of Virginia said the state’s new law violates federal disability rights laws which prevent schools from segregating or denying access to students with disabilities.

The Virginia ACLU argues that preventing schools from imposing a mask mandate “during a global pandemic does just that.”