Video Shows Zombie-Like Addicts On City Streets

A new video clip reveals tranq junkies in Democrat-controlled Philadelphia who look to be utterly disoriented.  According to an online media outlet, these people can be spotted at the intersection of Allegheny and Kensington Avenues, which is considered to be ground zero for the city’s drug crisis.

In the video, a man is seated on the ground, unconscious or perhaps dozing off. Two more people are standing next to him but bent over, with their arms dangling and their fingers above the sidewalk.

According to reports, Xylazine, popularly known as “tranq,” is to blame for the increase in overdose deaths. It is a powerful tranquilizer that is added to drugs like fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine to increase their potency. Users of the ‘zombie drug’ often develop fissures, ulcers, and necrotic tissue that necessitates amputation.

Overdose fatalities connected to “Tranq” have been a serious problem for Philadelphians for some years, and in April, U.S. government authorities called Xylazine a rising concern and asked Congress for more significant funding to combat the substance.

Authorities in Los Angeles issued warnings about the “zombie drug” that devours human flesh back in May.

A report shows that while the numbers are modest in the community compared to the rest of the US, the use of xylazine has grown more regular, and the trend is worrying, as DEA L.A. Field Division spokeswoman Nicole Nishida noted.

According to a Daily Mail article, drug offenses in Philadelphia have skyrocketed since D.A. Larry Krasner (D) took office.

A report revealed that the White House had announced new initiatives to address the Xylazine crisis. However, after hearing concerns from veterinarians, farmers, and others who routinely use the treatment, the administration decided against proposing limitations on the prescription. 

The DEA reports that one may obtain 2 pounds of Xylazine powder online from Chinese vendors for around $6-$20.