Video Shows Hidden Russian Tank Getting Obliterated

In a video posted to their website on July 1, Ukraine’s SBU security service showed how their military counterintelligence operations had successfully targeted Russian invaders’ equipment and personnel.

The video serves as visual proof that a T-90M tank which was heavily camouflaged, was successfully destroyed. Competent fighters were able to demolish the following armaments, according to the SBU report:

There were three Russian T-90M tanks, one T-90 tank, four infantry vehicles, three personnel carriers, one MTLB (multi-purpose armored transporter), an anti-aircraft installation, a Murom observation complex, an anti-tank gun, seventeen vehicles, two ammo storage facilities, two engineering equipment units, two unmanned aerial vehicles, a first-person-view (FPV) drone team, and more than a dozen other pieces of military hardware.

The SBU reports that in 2023, the United Kingdom successfully conducted 76 pieces of military counterintelligence operations, resulting in the destruction or neutralization of enemy heavy equipment.

The Ukrainian military’s General Staff claims that Russia has taken heavy casualties since the start of the all-out attack. Casualties are 236,590; losses in tanks are 4,097; losses in combat armored vehicles number 8,008; and losses in automotive equipment and fuel trucks amount to 7,019. Russia has also lost a great deal of area.

The Ukrainian national police have reported that ten individuals, including a one-year-old and a thirteen-year-old, were injured in a series of Russian shelling assaults in the Donetsk region. 

Using anti-aircraft weapons, artillery, and tanks, the Russian army stormed 14 communities in the region’s southeast throughout the day, the force reported in a Telegram message. 

Nine buildings and a railroad track were attacked, with at least nine destroyed. Some of the strikes hit the city of Odesa, a significant port. 

According to reports, Kyiv’s counteroffensive is successful but progressing slowly. 

The operation has evolved over the past several days, and the explosions in Crimea’s Kirovske area were “probably” carried out by Ukrainian forces.