Venezuelans Pour Across Border Amid Biden Deportations

According to internal Border Patrol data, the number of Venezuelan migrants unlawfully entering the United States has not decreased even though the Biden administration has intimated that there has been and that they have begun deportation flights to Venezuela.

Based on internal statistics, the Border Patrol reported 33,247 interactions with illegal Venezuelan migrants across the country between October 1, 2023, and November 2, 2023. Data from the federal government shows that this is more than the monthly interactions with Venezuelans throughout the last four fiscal years, except for September 2023 and September 2022.

On October 5th, the Biden administration announced that deportation aircraft to Venezuela had begun transporting illegal immigrants. Chief of the Border Patrol Jason Owens tweeted on Thursday that the flights occur multiple times weekly.

Our federal government is putting out messages via its proxies to come to America and that you’re going to be free, and they’re all coming through, J.J. Carrell, who worked as deputy patrol agent in charge for U.S. Border Patrol, said.

In September 2023, 54,890 encounters were reported nationwide, up from 33,754 the year before.

There are two ways for Venezuelans to leave the country: deportation flights or humanitarian parole. They can fly to the United States and get entry if they have a sponsor. Those traveling from Venezuela to the United States by land along the southern border can utilize the CBP One mobile app to enter the country.

Venezuelans living in the United States are also eligible for temporary visa extensions. Immigrants from Venezuela who arrived in the United States before July 31 will be granted interim protection from deportation by the Biden administration.

According to federal statistics, the number of times Americans encountered illegal immigrants topped 2 million in both fiscal years 2023 and 2022.