Vatican Reports Climate Emergency, Severe Humanitarian Impacts

( On Tuesday, the Secretary of State for the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, addressed the UN climate summit in Egypt where he warned that climate change “will not wait for us.”

Cardinal Parolin told the assembled dignitaries that the Holy See is fully committed to net-zero emissions and has intensified its efforts “to improve its environmental management.” He claimed that the only way to overcome the so-called climate emergency is through political, technical, and operational measures that promote “new lifestyles.”

The cardinal said the current “socio-ecological crisis” provides the perfect opportunity for “individual and collective conversion,” warning that “concrete decisions” can “no longer be postponed.”

Parolin insisted the world has a “moral duty to act concretely” to “prevent and respond” to the “more frequent and severe humanitarian impacts” of so-called climate change like the “migrants being displaced.”

He also bemoaned the global crises that are “overshadowing” the efforts of the UN climate summit, including the COVID pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, telling the dignitaries that they “cannot allow” that to happen. “Climate change will not wait for us,” he added.

Parolin maintained that the “wounds inflicted on our human family” by so-called climate change are just as bad as the wounds from a “global conflict,” therefore world leaders should ensure their political will is “guided by the awareness that either we win together or we lose together.”

Adopting the same alarmist tone that flavored the entire UN climate summit in Egypt, the cardinal warned that time is running out to address climate change, saying the world has “less and less time available to correct course.”

The cardinal also warned that the world must not “neglect the non-economic side of the loss and damage” from climate change, including a “loss of heritage and cultures.” He urged the dignitaries to learn from “indigenous peoples.”