US Precision Strike Wipes Out Iran-Backed Weapons Store

Since president Joe Biden entered the oval office and began his term of service as the commander and chief of the United States in January of 2021, things have been volatile, turbulent and unstable in the realms of domestic and global politics. Early in his term, Biden touted massive spending packages which easily passed the Democratically controlled congress prior to the 2022 midterms. These packages introduced trillions of dollars of new federal spending and helped plunge America further into colossal debt. Inflation has crushed the nations middle class, and it is now estimated that some 60% of American citizens are now living paycheck to paycheck. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation through the porous southern border since early 2021 and thousands continue to enter with each passing day. The federal government appears powerless or unwilling to do anything meaningful to address the growing crisis, and the average American has been left “on the hook” for millions of dollars in taxpayer funds that have been allocated to house, feed, and clothe these migrants.

Internationally, Biden has appeared even more incompetent than he has at the domestic level. Early in his term, after spending much of the 2020 presidential election cycle demonizing his opponent Donald Trump for being an alleged “Russian sympathizer”, Biden removed tough sanctions on the eastern European nation that had been implemented by Trump during his term. He then allowed for Putin and the Kremlin to begin drilling for oil in the North Atlantic. Russia then invaded Ukraine and brought armed warfare back to the European continent for the first time since 1945.

In early October, the Muslim terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel and murdered over 1,000 innocent civilians. Israel then invaded Gaza in retaliation. It has long been rumored that Iran may be backing terrorist and rebel groups opposing Israel. Recently, U.S. aircraft destroyed a munitions and weapons center in Syria that was linked to Iran.